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21st Mar 2019


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Golf helps you feel alive

on Wednesday, 30 March 2016.

Golf can provide the perfect mix between healthy competition and serene relaxation.

Where else can you enjoy a walk in beautiful, countryside surroundings, while at the same time working to improve and develop a hobby that can provide lifelong fulfilment?

Here at Garforth, many of our members will tell you that golf plays a special role in their life, keeping them active, healthy and motivated as well as providing a great way to meet new people and unbeatable social occasions. One great example is our current women’s captain, Carole Cassidy, who did not take up the sport until after retirement, and in a short time has developed into a capable player and a key member of our club. Carole told us:


"If I can take it up after I retired, with a husband who believed golf was 'a good walk spoiled' then anyone can! Where better to enjoy a good walk than our beautiful Garforth golf course!”


Recently, Sky Sports presenter Di Doherty, wife of European Tour player Nick Doherty, told about the many benefits golf has provided since she took up the sport as a child. As well as showcasing the many benefits of golf, it was great to see how golf has helped Di and her family and friends find an activity that they can all share and enjoy.



Di says: “Golf makes me feel alive! It gives me a real boost. Sport has the ability to change your mood completely and I feel incredibly lucky to have learnt at such a young age.” “Golf brings out your competitive side. It can be uplifting but also soul destroying when your good score suddenly goes out of the window. It teaches you resilience though, and how to cope in pressurised situations.”

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