Dress Code

Like most golf clubs, we operate a standard dress code that we politely remind visitors of, and ask that you follow the points below, which are representative of acceptable dress.

-Members should ensure that they and their guests are aware of the dress code
-No denim or casual sportswear
-Tailored knee length shorts with predominantly white socks are allowed
-Shirts with a collar or rolled neck must be tucked into trousers at all times
-Ladies shirts or blouses that have been custom made to hip length for wearing outside skirts or trousers are permissible
-Training type shoes or beachwear are not permissible on the course or anywhere in the Clubhouse
-Spikeless, dimple-soled golf shoes are not permissible in the Lounge, 19th bar or balcony
-Peaked caps must be worn with the peak at the front, and must not be worn in the clubhouse

-Certain variations on these general dress code rules apply in the following situations:
-In the Clubhouse after 7:00pm for the Annual General Meeting, Annual Prize Presentation and Captain’s Day – gentlemen must wear jacket, collar and tie
-Any group or party hiring the Dining Room may designate their own dress code. In some circumstances, this may be subject to Board approval

Club Guidelines

A very friendly and welcoming team awaits you at Garforth Golf Club along with members that are ever keen to meet and greet new people to our facilities. Like any good golf club and for the benefit of members and visitors alike we have some club guidelines to assist everyone in having the best possible experience at Garforth Golf Club and we look forward to welcoming you.


The R&A Rules of Golf sets out the etiquette and standards expected by all players.
These can be viewed in full at http://www.randa.org/RulesEquipment/Rules/Rules-Explorer
In addition to this, the Club have a number of traditions which we request that all members and visitors adhere to.
-Allow the Club Captain and President priority on the first tee
-When 2 tee starts are in operation, all players (those commencing their round and continuing after playing their first nine holes) must alternate on the 1st and 10th tee
-A single player is asked not to play two balls, as this is considered practicing on the course and is prohibited
-Players should not push/pull trolleys between the greens and rear of greenside bunkers at any time
-In winter, the greens and surrounds are protected by ropes, metal wires or a painted white line. Please ensure you do not take your trolley beyond these areas
-When leaving the 18th green, exit to the left onto the perimeter path leading to the first tee: please do not cross in front of or over the 10th tee
-Please give priority to those players competing in major competitions
-Within the Clubhouse, mobile phones should be placed on silent mode. If answered, calls should be taken in a quiet area such as the staircase landing or car park
-Mobile phones should only be used on the course in the case of an emergency